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Veles Core(VLS)是一个开源软件项目,旨在通过构建分布式VPN和多跳转支持等服务,帮助互联网用户保持信息访问自由,并通过互联网改善通信隐私。VLS采用多算法POW机制,使网络被大量具有不同设备的矿工保护。节点网络将会分两层建立,主节点将提供分布式服务的核心功能,Tier II主节点将实现为轻量级出口节点。基于哈希值的动态PoW奖励,在每个减半周期后自动调整。为了提供最适合dVPN和其他隐私保障分布式服务需求的环境,我们构建了定制区块链和主节点网络,旨在实现稳定,安全和可靠的网络服务。




1) Host:Vls are still having several halving cycles, and When will it happen ?  What is the halving rule for about POW+POS?

Mdfkbtc:Yes Veles will have several halving cycles. You can check all information about next halving with rpc command 'gethalvingstatus' (if you not running CLI you can use console on bottom bar on our website https://veles.network ) or on bottom of mining-stats page https://explorer.veles.network/miningstats. We integrated custom dynamic halving system - the halving interval will double each time another halving occurs, creating smoother supply curve. Each halving might by automatically delayed  by another length of halving interval if not enough VLS has been mined since the last halving (we have implemented this measure to mitigate some disadvantages of multi-algo dynamic rewards, where less coins are mined if the hashrate is low, to ensure the real supply curve will stay as close as possible to theoretical model). We have included new RPC command to get the information on the current and past halving periods, current maximum block reward, number of halvings occured, the current halving interval, etc.

Next halving is planned on block 369999 (circa in 165 days).


主持人:Vls仍然有几个减半周期,什么时候会发生?关于POW + POS的减半规则是什么?

Mdfkbtc:是的,Veles接下来还有几个减半周期。您可以使用rpc命令“ gethalvingstatus”查看有关下一个减半的所有信息(如果不运行CLI,则可以在我们的网站https://veles.network底部栏上使用控制台),或者在浏览器的挖矿统计页面底部看,链接是https://explorer.veles.network/miningstats。我们集成了定制的动态减半系统-每次再减半,减半间隔将加倍,从而使供应曲线更加平滑。自上次减半以来未挖出足够多的VLS,则每个减半可能会自动延迟另一半的间隔时间(我们已实施此措施,以缓解多算法动态奖励的一些缺点,即哈希率较低时,挖出的硬币较少,以确保实际的供应曲线将尽可能接近理论模型)。我们添加了新的RPC命令,以获取有关当前和过去的减半周期,当前的最大块奖励,发生的减半数,当前的减半间隔等信息。



2) Host:What are the main driving forces behind VLS's current community operations and publicity? What is the future plan?

Mdfkbtc:Currently Discord and Twitter are out most active communication channels. All of out updates and announcements are broadcast through these channels.

Our vision is to build and bootstrap successful self-incentivized, self-supporting and self-governing decentralized network and ecosystem providing robust, reliable and safe VPN and anonymization services to the Internet users, taking advantage of up-to-date technology and best-practices, to build open ecosystem governed by the community resistant to the censorship.


2)主持人:VLS当前社区运作和宣传的主要推动力是什么? 未来的计划是什么?

Mdfkbtc:目前,Discord和Twitter是最活跃的沟通渠道。 所有更新和公告都通过这些社区进行广播。



3) Host:How is the situation ablout the current VLS development team member?

Mdfkbtc:Actually we have 4 developers . AltcoinBaggins is head-developer mostly focusing on dVPN development beside that direct monitor and help through all the process. Uhlik is developer and our blockchain-specialist helping with consulting new features and with integration of new features for Veles chain also with debugging. Mdfkbtc working as partly developer focusing on integrating new usefull features for Veles project, maintaining Veles website, webwallet, explorer etc.. and handling wallet updates/compilations. AlexDeLarge is partly developer helping to maintain website, webwallet, explorer etc.. handling translation updates and all other stuff.



Mdfkbtc:我们有4个开发人员。 AltcoinBaggins是首席开发人员,主要专注于dVPN开发,除了直接监控并在所有过程中提供帮助。 Uhlik是开发人员,也是我们的区块链专家,在咨询新功能以及与Veles链的新功能集成以及调试方面提供帮助。 Mdfkbtc是部分开发人员,致力于为Veles项目集成新的有用功能,维护Veles网站,Webwallet,资源管理器等,以及处理钱包更新/编译。 AlexDeLarge是部分开发人员,帮助维护网站,Webwallet,资源管理器等,处理翻译更新和所有其他内容。


4) Host:What is the detailed plan for VLS DVPN before December?

Mdfkbtc:We've completed tasks like VPN provisioning, orchestration and port multiplexing that enabled us to successfuly serve Veles daemon and VPN service from the very same port. We need to finalise a solution for X.509 certificate generation and management. We also aim to create a docker-image, to ease the difficulties and enable a comfortable installation for the less technically proficient.


4)主持人:12月之前VLS DVPN的详细计划是什么?

Mdfkbtc:我们已经完成了VPN配置,业务流程和端口多路复用之类的任务,这些任务使我们能够从同一端口成功提供Veles守护程序和VPN服务。我们需要完成X.509证书生成和管理的解决方案。 我们的目标是创建一个docker-image,以减轻技术难度,并为不太懂技术的人提供便捷的安装。


5) Host:What is the function that VLS dvpn alpha has implemented? Can it be used by individuals now?

Mdfkbtc:Around end of October / early begin of November we will launch alpha-testing VPN masternodes which will be accessible for community, plus community will be able to also create their pwn alpha-testing VPN masternodes if they want help us with first trials and benchmarks (In the alpha testing phase will be access for free through generic VPN clients).


5)主持人:VLS dvpn alpha实现了什么功能? 现在可以供个人使用吗?

Mdfkbtc:在10月底/ 11月初左右,我们将启动可供社区使用的alpha测试VPN主节点,如果想先试用和测试来为我们提供帮助,社区也将能够创建其pwn alpha测试VPN主节点( 在Alpha测试阶段,可以通过通用VPN客户端免费访问)。


6) Host:What is the relationship between the vls dvpn node and the MN node now? What are the specific requirements of the dvpn node? How is the situation about the reward of each node?

Mdfkbtc:At the moment there are no relations between MN and dVPN . In Alpha phase community and our team will do benchmark test and early trials together to find specific minimal requirements for servers, connection, estimated price, etc..


6)主持人:现在,vls dvpn节点和MN节点之间是什么关系? dvpn节点的具体要求是什么? 每个节点的奖励情况如何?

Mdfkbtc:目前,MN与dVPN之间没有任何关系。 在Alpha阶段的社区中,我们的团队将一起进行基准测试和早期试用,以找到对服务器,连接,预估价格等的特定最低要求。


7) Host:How is the situation about the customer experience with Dvpn? What is the difference with the usage of traditional vpn or tor?

Mdfkbtc:A normal VPN provider is no different than your typical ISP when it comes to the kind of data they can store or sniff. Preventing sensitive data from sniffing (confidentiality) is usually achieved by using SSL. To also provide anonymity, tor uses relay nodes and only the exit node can see the website you are requesting, but cannot map that request to your originating ip and all the communication in between is encrypted with their session keys. To simplify things I'd say VLS will does something like TOR over VPN, where the masternodes are like TOR relay nodes. This wouldn't just be either a TOR implementation or a VPN implementation, but both. A VPN is usually a trusted entity (you trust them to not store logs), while tor is trustless. VLS is a trustless system of TOR over VPN.


7)主持人:Dvpn的客户体验如何? 与传统vpn或tor的用法有何不同?

Mdfkbtc:普通VPN提供商在存储或获取数据方面与典型的ISP没有什么不同, 一般会通过使用SSL来防止敏感数据被获取(机密)。 为了提供匿名性,tor使用中继节点,只有出口节点可以看到您正在请求的网站,但无法将该请求映射到您的原始IP,并且之间的所有通信都使用其会话密钥进行了加密。 简而言之,我想说VLS会通过VPN做类似TOR的事情,其中主节点就像TOR中继节点。 这不仅是实施TOR或VPN,而是两者同时进行。 VPN通常是一个受信任的实体(您相信它们不存储日志),而tor是去信任的。 VLS是通过VPN来实现的去信任化的TOR系统。


8)Host: What do other vpn services do with regards to people using there nodes for nefarious activities? is there any protection for the MN owners from users who may use the vpn network that way?

Mdfkbtc:We'll limit the amount of broadband that single VPN user can use, to prevent misusing the network for DDOS, also the fees for VPN will act against spamming the network. Also we won't support hidden services as TOR network does, only anonymized internet connections, so we'll avoid many of problems with nefarious activities that TOR network currently has. Otherwise, it's actually not easy to judge the nature of the activity of user on the net, neither we want to know as it's definitely not our business, neither is not for us to judge, we believe in personal freedom. Because the nodes are for the public use so that anyone can use the service, the operators should not be responsible for actions of the users.


8)主持人:对于使用节点进行作恶人的人,其他vpn服务会做什么? MN的所有者可以受到任何保护吗?

Mdfkbtc:我们将限制单个VPN用户可以使用的宽带数量,以防止将网络误用于DDOS,而且VPN的费用也将限制网络的作恶行为。 此外,我们不支持TOR网络所支持的隐藏服务,而仅支持匿名Internet连接,可以避免TOR网络当前存在的恶意活动带来的许多问题。不过,要判断用户在网络上的活动的性质实际上并不容易,我们也不希望看到这种行为,不是我们无法判断,而是我们相信个人自由。 由于节点是供公众使用的,任何人都可以使用该服务,因此运营商不应对用户的行为负责。


9)Host:Does VLS dvpn currently have similar competitors? What is the core competitiveness of VLS?

Mdfkbtc:Most projects i registred with dVPN/VPN backgrounds were Tokens with technology based on smartcontracts , its different than our technology. Im not sure if we meet some project which is equal or similiar to our idea.


9)主持人:VLS dvpn当前是否有类似的竞争对手? VLS的核心竞争力是什么?

Mdfkbtc:目前dVPN / VPN背景的大多数项目都是使用基于smartcontracts技术的代币,该技术与我们的技术不同。 我不确定是否有一些与我们的想法相同或相似的项目。


10)Host:What is the charging mechanism for Dvpn in the future? what is plan to solve the impact of dynamic VLS price on dvpn usage fee?

Mdfkbtc:We plan to develop and launch a DEX for use within the Veles ecosystem to enable trade of tokens representing hours of VPN connection time to provide better store-of-value, price discovery and free transfer of pre-paid VPN time.


10)主持人:未来Dvpn的收费机制是什么? 有什么计划解决动态VLS价格对dvpn使用费的影响?



11) Host:How do you treat the development of the Chinese community, and what support can be provided for community development in the future?

Mdfkbtc:Since at the moment we are very focussed on delivering dVPN on time we haven't structured this yet like we wanted. In the meantime we are open for suggestions from your side beside that we are actively looking for CN/EN speaking community member to make communication, relationship building and access to the latest information easier , commfortable.



Mdfkbtc:目前我们非常专注于按时交付dVPN,所以还没有去规划。 不过,我们也乐于接受您的建议,同时我们正在积极寻找会说中英文的社区成员,以便交流,建立关系和获取最新信息。


12) Host:Based on the aforementioned currency price with the big market, how much is the market price of vls in your mind after one year?

Mdfkbtc:That is very difficult to predict, depends on many factors , after we reach our goals i can see VLS between top 100 cryptocurrencies - my personal opinion





13) Host:What is the biggest obstacle to obstruct the vls development? Including the government and supervision,it should popularize for everyone.

Mdfkbtc:We see no obstacles that might hinder the development of Veles by governments or other external influences.


13)主持人:阻碍vls发展的最大障碍是什么? 包括政府和监督机构在内,它应该普及到每个人。



14)Host: Standing at your point of view, how does the all blockchain industry treat vls; how the all traditional vpn industry treat vls.

Mdfkbtc:As others projects tries to bring some new features into Blockchain Industry, we as Veles team grab our chance with all hands and bring many new, original features in to Blockchain industry... will mention some like Dynamic Halvings, Dynamic Block rewards based on hashrate, our custom system for difficulty retargeting, Instamine protection and more everything is developed on open-source basis, so everyone can use this features for free and we are proud when see that people using our features etc. to secure their chain or improve by some way.


14)主持人:从您的角度来看,整个区块链行业如何看待vls; 所有传统的VPN行业如何看待vls。

Mdfkbtc:当其他项目试图将一些新功能引入区块链行业时,我们作为Veles团队抓住机遇,将许多新的原始功能引入到区块链行业中...将提及诸如动态减半,基于哈希率的动态区块奖励等 ,我们针对困难重新定位,包括偷挖保护在内的更多功能的定制系统都是在开源基础上开发的,因此每个人都可以免费使用此功能,当看到人们使用我们的功能等来保护自己的链或有所改善时,我们感到非常自豪。







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